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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pics and Biography of Zaan Khan aka Dhruv of Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story

Recently a new hottie has entered in the list of hot hunks of Indian Television, it's Channel V's new show Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story's lead hero Zaan Khan. Zaan is playing the character of Dhruv who enters in female lead Anjali's life post her break up. 
And after show's few episodes being on air, we can say that Zaan's character looks promising. He is charming as dhruv in the show. 
Zaan hails basically from Bhopal. He has done a small role in the movie Satyagrah. and now he has bagged the lead role in Jhalli Anjali. Our Best wishes are with this charming actor.